About us

Our company was established in 2001 with the name Roadster Classics Intl. / RCI-Cars with a focus on international vehicle wholesale and retail world wide. Since 2006, we also sell our vehicles directly to the German and European customers (Endusers).

In February 2011 we have moved to our new location "Schwarzer Weg 28 / Steilshooper Allee" and have opened our new showroom. At this moment we also have changed our company name to MBI-Cars e.K. Here we have usually available up to 100 vehicles of various price ranges for IMMEDIATE delivery. We offer you new cars and slightly used cars in best condition and very attractive prices.

For our international wholesale we have a duty free warehouse at Hamburg harbour with up to 500 vehicles and deliver them to any place in the world. In addition, we have several overseas warehouses from which we ship out our vehicles directly to our customers in the whole world. Through our network which we have developed for many years we have constant access to up to 3,000 vehicles. For more information, please visit our International website: www.mbi-export.de

For international car imports we offer our European customers a complete service package. We take care of the entire import, TÜV approval and registration. We also provide these vehicles with a 2-year new car or used car warranty for our customers.

European cars come with warranty valid all over EU !
Our direct imports are supplied with a 2 year new car warranty.

In addition we deliver on demand spare parts and accessories for vehicles which are supplied by us.
MBI-cars Autohaus

We offer the following services:

  • Sales
  • Test drives
  • Special Offers
  • Sales of new cars
  • Sales of service and Demonstration cars

  • Financing
  • Leasing
  • Extended Warranty
  • Registration Service
  • vehicle transport

  • Accessories, spare parts
  • Original equipment
  • Original spare parts